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Sunday, May 16, 2010


After meeting the handsome and shadowy Alexander and falling in love, goth-girl Raven's dark world has now stepped into the light.Just like Raven's favourite movie Kissing Coffins love always has its complications especially when your boyfriend has a big secret to guard.But after whwn Alexander leaves Dullsville Raven's not ready to give up. She begans a dangerous search to find him. Will she be safe?.She also learns that Jameson,Alexander's butler placed an order for flowers from a nearby town that Raven labels "Hipsterville." Luckily her aunt lives there and she heads over for a visit during her spring break.As Raven tracks down the love of her life she meets another vampire who is also searching for Alexander but for his  dark reasons.Raven does not want to draw Alexander in to danger but danger follows her to Dullsville.......

Raven loves him with all her heart but doesn't know whether to become a vampire like him.What is she gonna do?The end of kissing coffins leaves us awating to read the third book....

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