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Thursday, May 13, 2010


I became so much interested in vampires  after i started reading the Twilight series and when i heard about Vampire Kisses i was so excited.......but we need to know atleast the summary of the story before we read....don't we? .So here goes.....

its actually about a goth girl named Raven ina town she calls Dullsville. One of her desires is to become a vampire when she grows {lolzzz}.And eventually Raven's interested in a new family which is rumoured to be vampires moved into the town's abandoned mansion. So she snaks into the mansion to fing the truth and there she finds a dark -haired guy , Alexander Sterling. Could he be Raven's vampire love or is he just a normal guy?

Raven finds his secret he is a vampire!! and falls in love with him.Raven's best friend is Becky though they do not share much in common . And as usual there is always someone mean in a story . Here too there is a guy who keeps bullying Raven but he also has a secret crush!But Alexander unfortunaely leaves town , Now what will happen to them.............?

it will be continued in Vampire Kisses 2 ...

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