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Monday, May 17, 2010


After her dangerous search for her boyfriend ,Raven is back with her vampire love Alexander in Vampireville.In this book,Raven is dying to have Alexander change her into a vampire making but Alexander likes her for who she is and is refusing to do so.But Raven has a problem , she has to pretend as a vampire so that the real vammpire twins Luna and Jagger will stop trying to make Alexander into Luna's mate.But Luna and Jagger keep looking to prove that Raven is not a vampire which is the truth. The vampire twins also try to turn Raven's nemesis Trevor into a vampire too.Though Raven doesn't like Trevor she doesn't want him to become a vampire without his knowing . Raven eventually finds out that both she and Luna have a lot in common.- they both feel like outsiders.

In between this, Raven is trying to fit in with her best friend Becky who already has a boyfriend Matt and also works to keep the town of Dullsville from knowing about the vampires. This book is yet another wonderful piece of Ellen's work.

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