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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

VAMPIRE KISSES 4-REVIEW--Dance with a vampire

Raven and Alexander have finally driven the vampire twins out from Dullsville......now there is only one left....their younger brother Valentine who has an interest in Raven's brother Billy.Now Raven has to protect her family and also decide whether she wants to become a vampire or not and there is also the prom .Valentine has a talent - he can read people's mind and their fears. Alexander plans a romantic picnic in the graveyard and Raven panics when she thinks that he is gonna bite her.  Valentine is aware that Raven has second thoughts about becoming a vampire bride and isn’t shy about letting Alexander know this.The more theey learn about Valentine,the more they realize that he is just a young kid who is suffering from loneliness.

Raven begins to realize the importance of her brother when he starts to spend more time with Valentine. She learns that her choice to stand out as a goth has affected Billy and Billy thinks that hanging out with another goth will make him look cooler in front of his sister.

How is raven going to prove to Billy that he is in danger without him knowing about her vampire boyfriend?
                      Dance with a vampire  captures the readers heart....

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